xerox_my_hand (xerox_my_hand) wrote,

brian dates ugly ppl

so i was curious as to what brians ex looked like when he dated her and i got out an old year book and sure enough there she was....i asked everyone in the library boys and girls if they thought she was cute and for the most part all ppl said was ew no or i feel bad about myself and think that if he liked all these ugly girls in the past i must be ugly cus he has low standards and he must think im all he can get or something....logan said this girl is the hottest hes ever been with so i really dont get it....brian dude whats the deal....... brian seriously what's going on? that's the ugliest girl i've ever seen in my entire life, i will admit she has real cute bangs though hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha and she's really skinny too. way to go... no A for effort, try F for FAT cus thats what she is....ok no more kelli....i have to go if u read this after school text me and i will come get u when i get out i love u despite ur horrible taste in girls
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