xerox_my_hand (xerox_my_hand) wrote,

me and kel are bad kids

so this morning i woke up a little late...well kel called me at 7 and woke me up and i realized that i wasnt going to make it to school on time....if we r late again we get a sat school so heres what we did i asked my mom for a note to be late and convinced her it would get me out of a sat school then i picked up kel and we decided not to go straight to school cus if we're gunna get a sat school we may as well me really late....we went to first watch cus we were hungry then decided that that wasnt enough so we wanted to go back to her house since her mom was leavin at 830...well it was 815 so we sat in a parking lot and thats when we found the bee....i look up and there was a huge bee just hanging out by my rear view mirror so i filp out and me and kel both jump out of the car and then start beating it with thinking its dead we get back and the car and continue to just sit there and i look down on my seat and it was right there next to me so again we jumped out of the car and it started over....after like a half hour we went back to kels....i did my hair we played some ping pong and then got this great idea that we would go to wal mart and buy iron on transfer paper to make we got the paper and the shirts then went to kinkos and got our pics copied now we’re at school and have only been here for an hour...after school i am pickin up brian then goin to lunch then goin home to make our shirts then i have to get liv at school at 430 and who knows what after that....well im done they librarian kicked kel out and im goin to raise hell cus of it
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