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and would you fuck me cus id fuck me

Last night was the O.C. which was absolutely amazing i was so excited for it....before that i went to kellis for a while then to steak and me and april decided we wanted to move out together when we turn 18 and we started looking for cheap places to live since we dont have much money....if anyone wants to live with us let me know....theres 126 days until my bday i think if i counted right...whatever...i dont know what im doing today im broke and starving so maybe i can find someone who wants to buy me subway....i suppose ben and i will hang out and end up doing god knows what....aaron is grounded and we are fighting hardcore....i slapped him in the face and i dont think he appreciated it very much at all....god tomm i have to work and im not looking forward to it i hate getting up that early and i was supposed to memorize the server shit but i havent looked at it yet.....i do get payed tho for the first time so thats something to look forward dad will be back next week around wed or thur and thats really exciting....i got my report card today and it seems i have an A in photo, A in creative writing, B in english comp, and C in so proud of myself i went to the bathroom and called my mom to tell her that im not as big of a fuck up as she thought and shes happy for me if only i can con her into giving me money for having good grades or if i can just keep the good grades then beg her to help me when i move out......hmm i need to somehow convince my dad that i quit smoking so that he will give me money.....i hate being poor...and i really think school would be a lot more enjoyable if we could have cigarette breaks....
I cry cry cry then I complain come back for more do it again.......I'm on my way, I want to see you your in your bedroom with some dancers, Im beneath you, I come inside, I hear the door slam, you tell me if I really loved you I'd get with them, they make me sick, you make me sicker, but i want to please you so I go and I get with her, I close my eyes i think about me im just your wetnap free style walkin........i have rilo kiley stuck in my head right now i cant think of anything else....him so me and kelli want to have a party and we are trying to convince jarrod to have one so that we dont have to....heh it would be so much fun hell we had so much fun at mine in my basement and we were sober....i cant wait til kel feels better and gets to come back to school....mon and tue im sleeping over at her house cus erin is going to be out of town....tue is her bday and i dont know what to get her perhaps i will have my mom buy her something and i will pretend i was in on in....i dont know what to buy someone turning 29.....hmm so ben has a job now which kinda sucks cus idk i spend a lot of time with him and if he works a lot now i will have no life and i dont know what i will do with myself....i guess me and kel will hang out more...or maybe i should think about getting another job for a couple nights since i only work weekdays i wouldnt mind working a few days after school if it means i can make some extra money well class is over maybe i will keep going next per but i have to go meet brian now cus its just what i do after 2nd per
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