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worked up so sexual

this weekend was cool i suppose friday night i hung out with ben i think i dont really remember i think we were fighting and he came over meh who knows that was a couple days ago anyway oh now i remember i bought fish at the pet store and i took the to kels to feed them to her beta then i made ben watch 2 sex and the city tapes and he was mad and then i ate a sub and went to bed....sat i went to work and when i got off hung out at the skatepark then i hung out with blake for a while then brad later that night and went to iaconos to see jarrod it was fun...i am convinced that everyone there hates me and it is funny going in there cus its like im looking for trouble... it sucked going to work at 8 sun morning...then i didnt get off til 3 i hung out with ben for a while then kel came to pick me up...we went to sns with katie brad and kevin putman (kellis dad) it was great we teased katie bout how she got drunk and gave brad head....what good times....after sns we went back to kels and i made ben pick me up cus i needed a ride home....yesterday was mikes bday HAPPY BDAY MIKE I HEART YOU man im lame
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