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its a wonder we're alive

yesterday after shool i went to chipotle with kel ben and logan then jarrod came over after class to take me to get my oil changed....we hung out all night and ended up going to subway and steak and shake....somehow i managed to lose his car keys so i am without car right now cus i let him take mine....the whole situation sucks really and i dont really know how he plans on starting his car without a key and his is deff nowhere to be found...i think im going to see if debi wants to ge to lunch today cus i have nothing to do until jarrod comes over with my car then im most likely going to his house gor the really happy he and i have become so close....i am so comfortable with him....last night we went to subway because he was craving a sub lol he got the same as me....its like we're meant to one could ever be with me if they dont understand my constant desire for subway steak and cheese subs....hmm my livejournal has become so boring it was so much better when i was sitiing next to kelli and wrtiing about who we started shit with each day,or who like black cock.....eveidently i do cus kelli printed out a sign that says "andrea loves black cock" see now i was under the impression that i did not like black cock perhaps i somehow gave kelli the impression that i did but im not sure i all this thought of subway is making me want some real bad....umm or a double decker supreme taco it doesnt get much better than that.....tomm is my dads bday and we are going to the cook place then im goin to sleep over in granville....hopefully jarrod will come over....hey maybe he will want to stay for part of thanksgiving? meh i wil ask him today i must go print my paper about drugs
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