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hmm what a day my mother decided that right before thanksgiving dinner she would drug me...she knows i cant take certain pills because i will pass out but she decided it would be funny to insist i take them right after eating all that i could i fell asleep for about three hours and missed all the excitment of dessert and board games ...god my family is lame...right now im at my dads hotel and jarrod is on his way over here to pick me up we are going to spend the evening at his father and i are watching jeopardy which is lame as well....this guy has been on for like 3 months straight and has made like 2 million...i wish i was smart like that then i would never have to worry about money uncle screwed me out of a check today...i was counting on it so that i could do some christmas shopping but o well i will try and make my 10 dollars last until dec 5th.... sat night i am babysitting tho which scares me cus i havent watched a child let alone a 3 year old since who knows when and the last time i did im sure i wasnt very good at scare me im afraid im going to break them....alright well im going to go do my hair
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