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Thursday, November 25th, 2004
3:57 pm
hmm what a day my mother decided that right before thanksgiving dinner she would drug me...she knows i cant take certain pills because i will pass out but she decided it would be funny to insist i take them anyway....so right after eating all that i could i fell asleep for about three hours and missed all the excitment of dessert and board games ...god my family is lame...right now im at my dads hotel and jarrod is on his way over here to pick me up we are going to spend the evening at his house....my father and i are watching jeopardy which is lame as well....this guy has been on for like 3 months straight and has made like 2 million...i wish i was smart like that then i would never have to worry about money again...my uncle screwed me out of a check today...i was counting on it so that i could do some christmas shopping but o well i will try and make my 10 dollars last until dec 5th.... sat night i am babysitting tho which scares me cus i havent watched a child let alone a 3 year old since who knows when and the last time i did im sure i wasnt very good at it...kids scare me im afraid im going to break them....alright well im going to go do my hair
Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004
8:45 am
its a wonder we're alive
yesterday after shool i went to chipotle with kel ben and logan then jarrod came over after class to take me to get my oil changed....we hung out all night and ended up going to subway and steak and shake....somehow i managed to lose his car keys so i am without car right now cus i let him take mine....the whole situation sucks really and i dont really know how he plans on starting his car without a key and his is deff nowhere to be found...i think im going to see if debi wants to ge to lunch today cus i have nothing to do until jarrod comes over with my car then im most likely going to his house gor the evening....im really happy he and i have become so close....i am so comfortable with him....last night we went to subway because he was craving a sub lol he got the same as me....its like we're meant to be...no one could ever be with me if they dont understand my constant desire for subway steak and cheese subs....hmm my livejournal has become so boring it was so much better when i was sitiing next to kelli and wrtiing about who we started shit with each day,or who like black cock.....eveidently i do cus kelli printed out a sign that says "andrea loves black cock" see now i was under the impression that i did not like black cock perhaps i somehow gave kelli the impression that i did but im not sure i did....now all this thought of subway is making me want some real bad....umm or a double decker supreme taco it doesnt get much better than that.....tomm is my dads bday and we are going to the cook place then im goin to sleep over in granville....hopefully jarrod will come over....hey maybe he will want to stay for part of thanksgiving? meh i wil ask him today .....now i must go print my paper about drugs

Current Mood: i need a sub
Monday, November 22nd, 2004
9:43 am
smeared black ink
you seem so out of context.....

This weekend was sweet it pretty much consisted of hanging out with jarrod the whole time... and my dad got back which is sweet so i spent most of my time with him....i hung out with jarrod all day yesterday we went to the mall then to granville the to see spongebob....today we are hanging out as well...im happy that my parents really like him and i think my sister got along with him even better than any other guy i have ever introduced her to...so theres only 2 days of school this week im really happy about that but i fuckin have to work friday...that still means wed and thur morning i get to sleep in....wed night is my dads bday so me and my sis are taking him out and then im sleeping over in granville...hopefully jarrod will come now that he knows how to get there....its weird we used to never see eachother like once a week if that and it would be at steak and shake or something and now i want to see him all the time. I love how close we have gotten...hmm alright well i have to find a poem to read to my creative writing class

Current Mood: indescribable
Thursday, November 18th, 2004
8:42 am
i have been wearing the same pants for way too long
the oc is on tonight im so excited....hopefully ben will agree to watch it with me that would make me so happy....so i think i might need to do laundry today....i was having a contest with katie and aaron to see who could wear a pair of jeans the longest without washing them and i won a couple days ago but for some reason im still wearing them...i didnt get to sleep until like 4 last night which sucked cus tonight i am going to be exhausted i dont think my day is going to be very eventful im going home burning some cds and what not while i wait for ben to get off work at 5 then im going to move my comp to his house with him and maybe just maybe once its there i will be able to download music....i am so broke and i dont know what to do i need gas im out of cigs im starving and i want blank cds and a cd case but i dont get paid until this weekend and i have a couple days til then so shit i will just have to use the couple dollars i have on cigs and try to make them last as long as i can

Current Mood: hungry
Wednesday, November 17th, 2004
11:46 pm

go here to see the coolest lyrics ever for songs such as
Gluing Carpet To Your Genitals Does Not Make You A Cantaloupe
Get Off The Cross The Wood Is Needed
Wet-Nurse Syndrome Hand-Me-Down Display Case
Recyclable Body Fluids In Human Form
Identity Exchange Program Rectum Return Policy
Solar Panel Asses
Earwax Halo Manufactured For The Champion In All Of Us
Wet Dream War Machine
Who Wants A Dose Of The Clap?
Teenage Mustache
How To Become A Virgin
Anything Jesus Does I Can Do Better
Late For A Double Date With A Oile Of Atoms In The Water Closet
File Under 'Soft Core Seizures'
Psst! Is That A Halfie In Your Pants?
Half-Eaten Sausage Would You Like To See You In His Office, The
Pulling The Christmas Pig By The Wrong Pair Of Ear
Can We Get Another Nail In The Coffin Of Culture Theft?
Your Mantel Disguised As A Psychic Sasquatch
Twenty-Three Lubed Up Schizophrenics With Delusions Of Grandeur
Captain Gaydar It's Time To Wind Your Clock Again
Priest With The Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Get Out Of My Bed

the locust rocks my world
10:14 pm
a scream to guide me through my life
today ben came over after school then i went to meet jarrod and my mom at filenes basement...i had dinner with suzee at don pablos which was enjoyable then came home to burn michelles cds...mer came over and we went to see jarrod at work it was sweet we pulled up blaring the spice girls...we didnt stay there long and we decided to go to steak and shake to get some fries and coffee...ben came over after work and i finished burning him his cds now i am workin on clearin all the shit off my old comp so he can keep it at his house...meh i will write later when im in a better mood

Current Mood: blah
9:58 am
Roses are beautiful to look at, but they're thorny
Stems may cause them to be difficult to handle
thus making their beauty a bit awkward
9:51 am
talking shit about a pretty sunset
On your current playlist, hit shuffle and pick the first twenty-five songs on the list (no matter how cheesy or embarrassing), and write down your favorite line of the song. Try to avoid putting the song title in the line. Then have your friends comment and see if they know the songs.

1. The night has fallen down the staircase, and I for one have felt its brusies

2. valmara valmara valmara flechettes kiss me with the lisp of your shrapnel caress, lost this arm, lost this leg, lost this diving board
just a belly flopped proposal of let's be friends

3. Trackmarked amoeba lands craft Cartwheel of scratches Dress the tapeworm as pets Tenticles smirk please Flinched the cocooned meat Infra-recon forgets

4. No matter how I may wish for a coffin so clean or these trees to undress all their leaves onto me. I put my face in the dirt and then finally I see the sky that has been avoiding me.

5. Oh noose tied myself in, tied myself too tight
Talking shit about a pretty sunset
Blanketing opinions that i'll probably reget soon

6. I love to watch you when your dancing

7. Fuck ya’ll all ya’ll if you don’t like me blow me

8. i was choking on a cornflake, it said have some toast instead

9. you don’t do it on purpose but u make me shake gunna count the hours til u wake with your babies breath breathe symphonies come on sweet catastropie maybe this time i can follow through feel complete stop paying dues keep the rain from fallin keep my oceans calm this time i know nothings wrong

10. What the Helen in Troy is that?
Did I hear you say my rhymes is wack?
I'm beautiful you can't touch me
If you pick a rose, well you might just bleed

11. maybe i’ll be paper

12. step up if u want to get fucked

13. for if we dont find the next whiskey bar, i tell you we must die, i tell you we must die

14. draw diagrams of suicide on eachothers wrists and trace them with razor blades

15. there's one problem,
i got brownies,
from your mother,
they gave me syphilis now i got no dick

16. every time i come over to your house you just shit on my face and you know you know you know you know it really freaks me out

17. im stuck! in a bag of glue... say what?

18. Can I touch your telepathic private parts?

19. and now my heart it sings suicide

20. down on the floor with a radio song, your crawling your crawling

21. please say that i can be forgiven one last time, please say that you can feel the same way that i do

22. so we put on our uniforms, and let nature take its course again

23. smaller tits and younger limbs can cause a fit of rivalry

24. gettin crazy with the cheese whiz

25. ive come to wrap you up tight til its time to bite down
Tuesday, November 16th, 2004
10:23 pm
what does it mean
the last few days have been quite eventful liz has decided that she would like to kick my ass but when given the oppurtunity she just keys my car....not that i care cus my car is a pos anyway....so ben and i have been tryin to work things out...kelli and i got over i fight i guess its like it never happened...my dad is leaving tomm morning to come here im so excited...and to top it off tonight was wing night...i hung out with mitch and dan and then jarrod katie and amanda today then ben came over...tomm im going to eat with my mom...i missed the last oc cus i was at her house and i will not miss this one for anything....i think i am going to bed now
Monday, November 15th, 2004
9:20 am
still so crayola brown....
this weekend was fun i had to work sat and sun but i met anna and she is really cool so it almost made work fun....my best friend there befor her was daniel who i just found out happens to be 36 and he has 2 kids that are 11 and 12 that makes for difficulty when trying to be friends....we get along tho so well and hes such a cool guy....yeah so fri night i believe it was... i came home from granville because i stayed over thur night and missed school on fri anyway i came home and met kel at sns katie and amanda were there as well then i wanted to go see jarrod and kelli and i got into a huge fight so i went anyway and just had brad meet me there then sat i hung out with ben and went to see jarrod at work again....sun i went to jarrods which was exciting now im here and it sucks and i wish i was on something
Thursday, November 11th, 2004
9:19 am
and if the answer that you want is in the question that you state...come what may
alright so me and ben cant seem to stop fighting...last night i went looking for him at steak and shake but instead ran into nick which was quite unexpected we hung out for about an hour and i was off to finally meet back up with ben....i got a lot of my pics enlarged last night for my photo portfolio and i am really happy with how they turned out....tonight i am going to granville to spend the night and i am missing school tomm to stay home with my sister...quite exciting i must say....so that is all for now

we named our children after towns that we've never been to and it's true that the clouds just hung around like black cadillacs outside a funeral....
and we were done done done with all the fuck fuck fuckin around....
Monday, November 8th, 2004
8:06 am
worked up so sexxxxxxx...so sexual
this weekend was cool i suppose friday night i hung out with ben i think i dont really remember i think we were fighting and he came over meh who knows that was a couple days ago anyway oh now i remember i bought fish at the pet store and i took the to kels to feed them to her beta then i made ben watch 2 sex and the city tapes and he was mad and then i ate a sub and went to bed....sat i went to work and when i got off hung out at the skatepark then i hung out with blake for a while then brad later that night and went to iaconos to see jarrod it was fun...i am convinced that everyone there hates me and it is funny going in there cus its like im looking for trouble... it sucked going to work at 8 sun morning...then i didnt get off til 3 i hung out with ben for a while then kel came to pick me up...we went to sns with katie brad and kevin putman (kellis dad) it was great we teased katie bout how she got drunk and gave brad head....what good times....after sns we went back to kels and i made ben pick me up cus i needed a ride home....yesterday was mikes bday HAPPY BDAY MIKE I HEART YOU man im lame

Current Mood: blank
Friday, November 5th, 2004
9:32 am
fuck that i dont want no nigga with a bus pass
ok i have decided to write more even tho i know that no one reads this anyway....heh i love going back and reading my old comments cus it so funny to see when i was fighting with logan...its also funny to see the stupid things me and kel used to say like wtf brian wtf haha we were sweet i will say that about us....so i just got a voice mail and i dont know who from cus im in class and i dont have a missed call this is weird, a little too weird...im off to investigate...so i just left class and got in trouble cus there was no teahcer here to tell me i could go and when i walked in i got interrogated about where i was....it turns out the call was from debbie (the one that works at steak and shake) she wanted to let me know she got a new number...like i care anyway ithought it was going to be jarrod but im sure he isnt up this early.....now im getting all excited about having a party i dont care who has one or what its for i just think it would be so sweet i miss having my own tho and since i dont live in a big house anymore i cant....theres nothing better than seeing ryan blake and having him tell me in front of ben " hey member that sweet party you had when i found u passed out in bed and there was a cop there buying alcohol for the 16 yr olds" heh thats one i will never forget....and then there was lucias party where we all drank then walked back to my house and had our own little party cus my mom was conviently out of town....reid drove drunk that night and kelli showed up to find me in a bathing suit in bed with not just reid but reid and brian....reid had his shirt off and brians balls were hanging out cus they were drunk and comparing whos balls were bigger....brian won but it didnt matter cus his penis is no joke ___________ big.....that night adam got his car stuck in the mud and now my jeans are stained forever....this summer was so much fun i wish i would have wrote about it in here instead i made a list of the things i did....i guess i can sum it up....me and kel camped out at my old abandoned house, we spent the night at sns, i went to kings island with ben, i went to california july 11th - july 18th and got a tattoo....i convinced my dad to get me alcohol and made a bet with him about how long it would take me to get drunk he then got brian szasz high....i hung out with nick cook in the truck and had some good times with that....most nights were spent with reid mike logan tj matt steve schmidt and mark...until i met ben that is then i went 80 days in a row seeing him every day...we would drink at robs or he would spend the night because erin worked 3rd shift....i would lie and say i was with kelli and i would sleep over at his house we even stayed over at jasons once...summer was amazing esp cus i managed to keep my job at iaconos til school started so i was normally not broke unolike i am now....ok well i think its time to stop sorry these are so long i have no life and i dont want to email anyone cus i never get emails back

Current Mood: starving
8:57 am
and would you fuck me cus id fuck me
Last night was the O.C. which was absolutely amazing i was so excited for it....before that i went to kellis for a while then to steak and shake....today me and april decided we wanted to move out together when we turn 18 and we started looking for cheap places to live since we dont have much money....if anyone wants to live with us let me know....theres 126 days until my bday i think if i counted right...whatever...i dont know what im doing today im broke and starving so maybe i can find someone who wants to buy me subway....i suppose ben and i will hang out and end up doing god knows what....aaron is grounded and we are fighting hardcore....i slapped him in the face and i dont think he appreciated it very much at all....god tomm i have to work and im not looking forward to it i hate getting up that early and i was supposed to memorize the server shit but i havent looked at it yet.....i do get payed tho for the first time so thats something to look forward to....my dad will be back next week around wed or thur and thats really exciting....i got my report card today and it seems i have an A in photo, A in creative writing, B in english comp, and C in politics....im so proud of myself i went to the bathroom and called my mom to tell her that im not as big of a fuck up as she thought and shes happy for me too....now if only i can con her into giving me money for having good grades or if i can just keep the good grades then beg her to help me when i move out......hmm i need to somehow convince my dad that i quit smoking so that he will give me money.....i hate being poor...and i really think school would be a lot more enjoyable if we could have cigarette breaks....
I cry cry cry then I complain come back for more do it again.......I'm on my way, I want to see you your in your bedroom with some dancers, Im beneath you, I come inside, I hear the door slam, you tell me if I really loved you I'd get with them, they make me sick, you make me sicker, but i want to please you so I go and I get with her, I close my eyes i think about me im just your wetnap free style walkin........i have rilo kiley stuck in my head right now i cant think of anything else....him so me and kelli want to have a party and we are trying to convince jarrod to have one so that we dont have to....heh it would be so much fun hell we had so much fun at mine in my basement and we were sober....i cant wait til kel feels better and gets to come back to school....mon and tue im sleeping over at her house cus erin is going to be out of town....tue is her bday and i dont know what to get her perhaps i will have my mom buy her something and i will pretend i was in on in....i dont know what to buy someone turning 29.....hmm so ben has a job now which kinda sucks cus idk i spend a lot of time with him and if he works a lot now i will have no life and i dont know what i will do with myself....i guess me and kel will hang out more...or maybe i should think about getting another job for a couple nights since i only work weekdays i wouldnt mind working a few days after school if it means i can make some extra money well class is over maybe i will keep going next per but i have to go meet brian now cus its just what i do after 2nd per

Current Mood: horny
Thursday, November 4th, 2004
9:14 am
i forgot to mention
9:02 am
i guess i will write in this again
I am in the library its 2nd period right now and this is my first studyhall of the day next period i have another so i really dont have anything better to do with my time than write on here...so hmm whats new? ben wrote about me in his blog! AND IT MADE ME CRY! Aaron thought it would be cool to talk shit about me to his sister....my aol still isnt working at home...my mom isnt moving back anymore so i guess i will be living off 23 til im 18 then god knows i will probably end up living on the streets unless ben or kel wants to get an appt and that is if i can find a way to get money for on.....perhaps a month after i turn 18 when april runs away she will want to get an appt with me cus she has money and i can contribute somewhat and i can share my car with her since she doesnt have one hmmm yea theres an idea....i am so hungry right now i spent most of my money last night tho isaid i was going to quit smoking but then when i went almost 10 hours without one i went crazy and bought some then i spent a lot of money on food for me and ben....i was trying to make him not be mad at me cus i did something mean to him and he was really pissed.....i went to visit kelli yesterday and it was sad cus shes sick i did eat almost all of her pound caks while i was there tho cus its so good.....hmm i think i should go to first watch and get lunch after school since its so cheap i will have to find someone to go with me tho....if only aprils mom wasnt such a bitch and she would let her out of the house....maybe kallie will want to go....so hmm i have so many politics assignments due soon and i dont know what to do for any of them so if anyone wants to help me feel free.....great class is over now i have to go to another hour long studyhall.....leave me comments !!!!!

Current Mood: hungry
Friday, May 14th, 2004
7:45 am
my life sucks
im lost without your sight
i cant think without your mind
theres comfort in the nights
when i wake up by your side
im out here on my own with nothing left to lose
i wont deny you anything
there's nothing ill refuse
please say that i can be forgiven one last time
please say that you can feel the same way that i do
Monday, May 10th, 2004
7:56 am
goin to the pop machine
im in systems doin nothing cus its senior skip day....mrs george wouldnt let me go to the pop machine but now mr grena is.....today is 4 months for me and brian...it doesnt really seem that long lol well i have a million projects to do so im gunna get on it
Monday, May 3rd, 2004
11:47 am
me and kel are bad kids
so this morning i woke up a little late...well kel called me at 7 and woke me up and i realized that i wasnt going to make it to school on time....if we r late again we get a sat school so heres what we did i asked my mom for a note to be late and convinced her it would get me out of a sat school then i picked up kel and we decided not to go straight to school cus if we're gunna get a sat school we may as well me really late....we went to first watch cus we were hungry then decided that that wasnt enough so we wanted to go back to her house since her mom was leavin at 830...well it was 815 so we sat in a parking lot and thats when we found the bee....i look up and there was a huge bee just hanging out by my rear view mirror so i filp out and me and kel both jump out of the car and then start beating it with books.....so thinking its dead we get back and the car and continue to just sit there and i look down on my seat and it was right there next to me so again we jumped out of the car and it started over....after like a half hour we went back to kels....i did my hair we played some ping pong and then got this great idea that we would go to wal mart and buy iron on transfer paper to make shirts....so we got the paper and the shirts then went to kinkos and got our pics copied now we’re at school and have only been here for an hour...after school i am pickin up brian then goin to lunch then goin home to make our shirts then i have to get liv at school at 430 and who knows what after that....well im done they librarian kicked kel out and im goin to raise hell cus of it
Monday, April 26th, 2004
10:21 am
brian dates ugly ppl
so i was curious as to what brians ex looked like when he dated her and i got out an old year book and sure enough there she was....i asked everyone in the library boys and girls if they thought she was cute and for the most part all ppl said was ew no or laughed...now i feel bad about myself and think that if he liked all these ugly girls in the past i must be ugly cus he has low standards and he must think im all he can get or something....logan said this girl is the hottest hes ever been with so i really dont get it....brian dude whats the deal....... brian seriously what's going on? that's the ugliest girl i've ever seen in my entire life, i will admit she has real cute bangs though hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha and she's really skinny too. way to go... no A for effort, try F for FAT cus thats what she is....ok no more kelli....i have to go if u read this after school text me and i will come get u when i get out i love u despite ur horrible taste in girls
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