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i guess i will write in this again

I am in the library its 2nd period right now and this is my first studyhall of the day next period i have another so i really dont have anything better to do with my time than write on hmm whats new? ben wrote about me in his blog! AND IT MADE ME CRY! Aaron thought it would be cool to talk shit about me to his aol still isnt working at mom isnt moving back anymore so i guess i will be living off 23 til im 18 then god knows i will probably end up living on the streets unless ben or kel wants to get an appt and that is if i can find a way to get money for on.....perhaps a month after i turn 18 when april runs away she will want to get an appt with me cus she has money and i can contribute somewhat and i can share my car with her since she doesnt have one hmmm yea theres an idea....i am so hungry right now i spent most of my money last night tho isaid i was going to quit smoking but then when i went almost 10 hours without one i went crazy and bought some then i spent a lot of money on food for me and ben....i was trying to make him not be mad at me cus i did something mean to him and he was really pissed.....i went to visit kelli yesterday and it was sad cus shes sick i did eat almost all of her pound caks while i was there tho cus its so good.....hmm i think i should go to first watch and get lunch after school since its so cheap i will have to find someone to go with me tho....if only aprils mom wasnt such a bitch and she would let her out of the house....maybe kallie will want to hmm i have so many politics assignments due soon and i dont know what to do for any of them so if anyone wants to help me feel free.....great class is over now i have to go to another hour long studyhall.....leave me comments !!!!!
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