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fuck that i dont want no nigga with a bus pass

ok i have decided to write more even tho i know that no one reads this anyway....heh i love going back and reading my old comments cus it so funny to see when i was fighting with logan...its also funny to see the stupid things me and kel used to say like wtf brian wtf haha we were sweet i will say that about i just got a voice mail and i dont know who from cus im in class and i dont have a missed call this is weird, a little too off to i just left class and got in trouble cus there was no teahcer here to tell me i could go and when i walked in i got interrogated about where i turns out the call was from debbie (the one that works at steak and shake) she wanted to let me know she got a new i care anyway ithought it was going to be jarrod but im sure he isnt up this im getting all excited about having a party i dont care who has one or what its for i just think it would be so sweet i miss having my own tho and since i dont live in a big house anymore i cant....theres nothing better than seeing ryan blake and having him tell me in front of ben " hey member that sweet party you had when i found u passed out in bed and there was a cop there buying alcohol for the 16 yr olds" heh thats one i will never forget....and then there was lucias party where we all drank then walked back to my house and had our own little party cus my mom was conviently out of town....reid drove drunk that night and kelli showed up to find me in a bathing suit in bed with not just reid but reid and brian....reid had his shirt off and brians balls were hanging out cus they were drunk and comparing whos balls were bigger....brian won but it didnt matter cus his penis is no joke ___________ big.....that night adam got his car stuck in the mud and now my jeans are stained forever....this summer was so much fun i wish i would have wrote about it in here instead i made a list of the things i did....i guess i can sum it and kel camped out at my old abandoned house, we spent the night at sns, i went to kings island with ben, i went to california july 11th - july 18th and got a tattoo....i convinced my dad to get me alcohol and made a bet with him about how long it would take me to get drunk he then got brian szasz high....i hung out with nick cook in the truck and had some good times with that....most nights were spent with reid mike logan tj matt steve schmidt and mark...until i met ben that is then i went 80 days in a row seeing him every day...we would drink at robs or he would spend the night because erin worked 3rd shift....i would lie and say i was with kelli and i would sleep over at his house we even stayed over at jasons once...summer was amazing esp cus i managed to keep my job at iaconos til school started so i was normally not broke unolike i am now....ok well i think its time to stop sorry these are so long i have no life and i dont want to email anyone cus i never get emails back
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