xerox_my_hand (xerox_my_hand) wrote,

still so crayola brown....

this weekend was fun i had to work sat and sun but i met anna and she is really cool so it almost made work best friend there befor her was daniel who i just found out happens to be 36 and he has 2 kids that are 11 and 12 that makes for difficulty when trying to be friends....we get along tho so well and hes such a cool guy....yeah so fri night i believe it was... i came home from granville because i stayed over thur night and missed school on fri anyway i came home and met kel at sns katie and amanda were there as well then i wanted to go see jarrod and kelli and i got into a huge fight so i went anyway and just had brad meet me there then sat i hung out with ben and went to see jarrod at work again....sun i went to jarrods which was exciting now im here and it sucks and i wish i was on something
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